Friday, 1 November 2013

It's too late to come up with a good title. Switzerland!

I don't know if you've heard (that the bird is the word), but European cities have a theme of being quite pretty. With too many bags, a slightly crippled carer (after a tumble at the train station), no wheelchair taxis, and a fair distance; we decided to send Rachel with the bags to the hotel, while Rob and I power-rolled 30+ mins through Zurich at 9.30 pm. I actually quite enjoyed it.

We're planning on taking it fairly easy here, after a busy couple of cities and transits. Today was about as awkward as it gets in terms of transfers. Rob and the bus driver had to carry me like a rag doll up 5 large and very steep stairs, through a narrow corridor up to the top of a raised bus, to get to my seat. That is the first and last intercity bus I'll be taking in Europe. Unfortunately it was necessary to get back from Prague.

Zurich is crazy expensive, especially compared to Prague. At the bar downstairs, we were treated to one mozzarella stick and one salmon mix on bread; each for about $5NZD each! Not to mention the bottle of water which was about the same. That's ludicrizzle if you ask me.

More updates to follow... Let's see if having a Swiss friend benefits me at all. I'm guessing not.

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