Monday, 11 November 2013

Grathious Barthelona

Jeez louise, we had a tough trip here. After a 5 hour train ride and 2 and a half hour stop over, we had a delay which made us miss our second connector. That was not a ideal thing to happen. That meant we had to catch a bus to Barcelona, which meant another tough lift for Rob and a kind stranger up and down a tight staircase. It was more fun than it sounds. So we ended up getting there at 1am, but since we can't get wheelchair taxis easily or at all at certain times of the day, Rob and I had to mish 3km to our hotel and hostel while Rachel taxied with our bags.

When we arrived to the hotel at 2am we were greeted with a free fridge full of snacks and drinks that got refilled daily. Even after that was explained by the staff with good English, Rachel was still rightfully sceptical and so searched the room for prices to no avail. We taxed everything daily.

After a lackluster sleep of two hours with a body that didn't want to play ball, I was ready for a big day exploring Barcelona. We set out without Rob since he was being a fat, stupid sleepyhead. We must of rolled almost 10km throughout the day, which was an awesome effort for Rachel considering she hurt her foot decently on the way to Prague.

We went from La Rambla, to La Sagrada Familia, to Casa Mila; then we took the metro to the main train station only to get lost in the very hot subway for at least half an hour. From the train station we continued the trek far away from public transport to the University, and back down La Rambla. After a well deserved drink we went to La Rambla to finish the day with some delicious paella and churros. I was literally falling asleep in the restaurant waiting for the food, but it was worth the effort and embarrassment.

It's now 3pm on the train to Paris. After another early start, we should arrive in half an hour. The scenery has been okay. Once again I'm looking forward to the sights and food; including the experience of snails and frogs legs, hopefully lathered up to buggery with garlic and butter.

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