Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Prague-ticily living the dream.

After a good 4 hour roll around Frankfurt, the 3 of us caught up with Marie (a Dr who I met in Burwood) and her wheelie friend Stefan, for dinner. It was so delicious and such a fun night. Although after a few German beers, even being German is probably fun. Hence all the beer I'm guessing.

Tonight we arrived by train in Prague. Turning up in Eastern Europe at night was not on my bucket list to be honest, but with Robs directions everything turned out dandy. Luckily I was treated to a VIP seat on the train because all of the available space, see photo. Even after my friend Leith's sister's dog's recommendation, I am pleasantly surprised by Prague! It's stunning! Loving them commy dictators work.

I'm definitely looking forward to witnessing some sights tomorrow. The whole city looks great, and most youngsters speak English, which is a pleasant bonus.

Off to downstairs for a free all day breakfast before bed. A sneaky wine might make an appearance too!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hail Frankfurters!

After a fairly uneventful last day in Amsterdam, caused by bad weather, we made it to Frankfurt after a couple of hiccups with our train tickets. The scenery on the train was great, and the houses were really interesting. Germany has one of the highest uses of solar panels in the world, even though sun levels aren't as good as New Zealand.

I don't know if you are familiar with the second world war, but after Hitler was voted off Celebrity Treasure Island, the world rejoiced. Then to say sorry, the German people invented Hamburgers, Frankfurters, and Schnitzel. And they were immediately forgiven. I'm really learning a lot on this trip.

We had schnitzel last night, and we are planning on having frankfurters for lunch, before going out for dinner with a friend tonight. Otherwise we'll probably look for some museums or other interesting things to do in town for the day. No doubt I'll be hoping enough people spreken zee English (I can't spell German).

Saturday, 26 October 2013

What's the Amsterdamage?

We arrived in Amsterdam at 7pm local time after another 12 hour flight. The food was absolute shyt, but we were treated to a 3 hour sunset since we were travelling with the sun.

It was slightly stressful finding our hotel, but we were quickly relaxed when we saw how flash the hotel was, and even more so when the concierge presented us each with a cookie!

Although there is definitely something up with the coffee shops, all the food we have had so far has been delicious. I have had omelette, lasagne, and pizza. I love European food!

Today after a slightly late start, we went to the zoo and planetarium, and then to a brewery on the map. I was hoping it was the Heineken brewery, but it turned out to be a large windmill. We wondered the streets for a while and got lots of photos, but none were on my phone so I can't share.

My wheels ran out of battery, so we're just recharging them before an eventful Saturday night out.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Leaving Seoul on a jet plane.

Although I do know when I'll be back again, I'm not looking forward to it if we have the same problems with our luggage. They tried connecting our bags with all my supplies even after we told them specifically not to. Apparently  'medical' is the magic word to get your stuff back, so we got what I needed.

We slept inside the terminal last night. Well, inside the hotel in the terminal anyway. The photo is from our room.

On another note, the food we've had so far is so bland. I feel like I'm in North Korea with the lack of flavour. Looking forward to chips and mayo in the Netherlands! We all know that's my jam.

The Korean War - day 12745

Today was intense. We arrived in Seoul amongst a rife war. We got lost in the smog and wandered into the DMZ. Rachel defected to North Korea and is now dead to me.

Disclaimer: I may be over tired.

It was bitter sweet saying goodbye to the olds. Mum wrote me a great card with a poem this morning when she couldn't sleep. It went as follows: 
Wishing u the best trip ever,
one which you'll forget never,
many stories, some not to be told,
over the years, may however unfold!

Also Alison Pugh from Breakfast and One News was on our flight. We talked to her for a few minutes after. I call her Ally for short, and sometimes Ally Cat as a cute nickname. We're getting married next November. Don't tell her.

Love Tim

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

To whom it may concern,

If you would like to be updated about my month long trip to Europe, feel free to follow here. It kicks off tomorrow at 9.45am from Auckland airport! Rachel, Robert and I will spend 24 hours in South Korea before a second 12 hour flight to Amsterdam. Looking forward to getting on the plane!

Auf Wiedersehen!