Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Our Italian Odyssey

After a busy train and confusing 30 minute stop in Milan, we took a 300km/h journey to Florence. After a wee scare with a misplaced wallet, we had dropped our stuff at our hotel and made it to a delicious pizzeria. The hotel is 20 metres from the Saint Marie Cathedral in the heart of the city. See photo from the hotel room. The pizzeria was directly across the road. It was so bloody good. I'm glad it had more cheese on it than friends had lead me to believe. Not as much as NZ, but enough . I got a sausage and soft cheese pizza. We have also tried tortellini, spag bol, and spaghetti alla carbonarra*.

We didn't see all the sites I wanted because the museums were closed and it was pretty rainy, but we still saw heaps. Pushing around to see everything is achievable within a few hours, but the cobbles are actually ridiculous at times. With the bumps, and my spasms exacerbating the jolts, I look like I'm sitting on a hot plate most of the day. The markets have been awesome too, I've bought some cool stuff.

In 2 mins we're off to Rome. Ciao for now!

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