Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Rome wasn't seen in a day

The train ride from Florence to Rome was short and uneventful. Italy has been the best country for disabled services on the train thus far. They even upgrade myself and a carer to first class for free. And Rob too, although they weren't obliged to.

We got to Rome at 3 and had an early pizza dinner. Today we started with a really good free breakfast at the hotel, and ended with a spaghetti alla carbonarra and gelato for desert, with a little in between.

After breakfast, the three of us went on a 4 hour trek around some old as crap buildings; including the colleseum and roman forum. It was a bit challenging to get close to either though.

Rachel and I then decided to pop over to another country and high five the Pope. We booked tickets to Vatican City ourselves, as Robert had been on his last trip to Europe. He kindly sussed our trains for tomorrow while we were there. After we called out our cabbie for trying to add on a 10 euro tourist charge, we arrived with 2 hours or so to look around.

It was pretty incredible, especially when thinking of the history of the place, and artifacts inside. We looked around the Vatican museum, and outside of Saint Peter's Basilica. We didn't get inside the Basilica as it was too late; or the Sistine Chapel as it wasn't accessible. Unfortunately there weren't any Saints in to perform a miracle and levetate me up the staircase. I guess I was foolish to assume they could.

We have just been chilling since dinner, getting ready for a big day tomorrow. Our 9 hour train leaves at 7am in the morning. Fun times!

Goodbye friends.

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