Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The land of old Zeeland, to New Zealand

We arrived in The Netherlands for the second time after an easy and fast train from Paris. Trains without connectors have been so much easier to organise for ramps to get on and off the train. We didn't do much that night, but made it to the Heineken Brewery, Vondelpark, and Museumplein the next day. The Heineken Brewery was delicious, and also quite interesting. The souvenir shop turned out to be expensive even though Rachel was constantly trying to steal things. I got so caught up buying things, that I bought some Heineken Christmas ornaments. I don't know why, but I still don't regret it.

We didn't spend much more time out as I had to be careful with some skin issues. Th next day, after checking out of our final European hotel, we still had 5 hours to murder before we had to be at the airport. We went to a pub for a while and caught the first half of the All Blacks vs England game which I was stoked about. Missing the second half was tough, but the result turned out okay even with our lack of long distance encouragement.

We made it to the airport and on the plane fine, although since there weren't any seats with extra leg room still available, my legs were pressed against the seat in front of me the entire trip. Luckily they weren't too red in Korea. We arrived back in a very cold Seoul, only to find they had no accessible transport options to our hotel. We needed to do another high, awkward transfer into the hotel's free shuttle. The beds at the hotel were ridiculously hard, just so by the time we left we were very much looking forward to home.

The second leg of the flight was much better than the first. After arriving back in NZ fairly dehydrated and deslept; a big shower, drink and sleep made me feel refreshed again surprisingly quickly. After what was definitely the trip of a lifetime, I am definitely glad to be back in the land I call my home. I'm very grateful to Rob and Rachel for helping a brother and a friend out. I'll post some photos and time lapses of my travels here when I finally sort them out. This however will be my final post otherwise. Thanks for reading, it's been swell folks.

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