Thursday, 14 November 2013

Perfect Parisian Parade

To avoid any more confusion I thought I'd clarify that for the previous title, I replaced the c's with th's, as that's how the c is pronounced in Barthelona.

We arrived in Paris without any troubles, getting to our hotel not long after dark. We saw the Arc de Triumph close up when we got off the train stop, but we had all our gear so we didn't get a close up photo. But we can do some super enhanced close up CSI: Miami type work on some far away photos, which always turns out better on TV anyway, which is pretty much real life.

After settling in, we went for our first and only 3 course meal. It was amazing, and our host/owner/chef looked after us with outstanding hospitality. It was a memorable experience.

We had the whole of the next day (yesterday) to power mish the city. Rachel had a terrible 24 hour fever which put her out of action for the day, which was obviously very bad timing. Although she did muster up the energy for dinner out, after a day of sleeping.

Rob and I made it everywhere I had planned on going, including going in Le Louvre for a couple of hours. It was so massive, but I think we saw the main stuff. We didn't have to line up, pay for tickets, or stay behind the barrier for the Mona Lisa. It was pretty badass. We also saw the Grand Palace, the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and a lot of others in between. We made it back just before dark, as the temperature was dropping from a high of 11 degrees to a low of 3. With rain the day before and after, we were very lucky to have blue skies all day.

It was very successful, but I'll definitely be coming back to see the rest of Paris. We're on the first class train for 35 euro each instead of over 200, enjoying free drinks and food. We just passed through Brussels, Belgium and will be in Amsterdam in just over an hour. It's our last stop before the 2 day journey home, including a 24 hour stop in Seoul, South Korea again. Hopefully we'll make it to the Heineken brewery and Museum, although it's going to be wetter and colder than our last visit here.

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